We build advanced and modern Enterprise Data Platforms in the Cloud on AWS.

Are you looking for the latest technology to extract the full potential out of your business’ data? We’ll help you step up to the plate with advanced analytical and operational capabilities, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Real-Time. How? By building you a state-of-the-art Enterprise Data Platform in the Cloud, powered by AWS.

Sounds good? Read on to find out more!

A2C – Our unique methodology of Advanced Analytics in the Cloud

In order to build a modern and advanced Enterprise Data Platform in the Cloud, we have developed our own, unique methodology called Advanced Analytics in the Cloud (A2C). Together with a team of dedicated AWS experts, we created a plan that guides through every phase of your data-related project. To make sure the Enterprise Data Platform suits your business needs, we assist you in deciding which technology feels like the right fit for your business platform. Next to that, we show you can do with the data you already own. 

The AI-ready Enterprise – Becoming ready for & deploying Artificial Intelligence successfully

You’ve surely heard about the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the business world. Do you want to use your own data to create intelligent applications and operations? Are you ready make your business future-proof? Good news! It’s the perfect moment for you to get started with all the possibilities AI offer the business world.
Scared that it all sounds like a faraway dream? Not with the Artificial Intelligence experts at Lucy! We have many success stories and AI trained & certified experts that help you prepare for and implement AI technologies.

Are you ready to see what the future of your company looks like when you leverage your business data fully, in the right way? Look no further! The experts of Lucy are here to make those plans a reality.