With Lucy, your data becomes a strategic asset in your business strategy.

Lucy in the cloud
Our History

Since 2019 Micropole Belgium has led an innovative practice that successfully focuses on “Digital Transformation of businesses in the Cloud”. Because of the great results and the future possibilities of the cloud for any type of business, an AWS focused agency such as Lucy was born.

Lucy in the Cloud embodies Micropole Group's entire AWS expertise. As such you can find the expertise of Lucy present in each of the subsidiaries of the Micropole Group.

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Our mission

Lucy in the Cloud has a clear mission: to help your business become the best version it can be, by extracting all value out of your data (internal & external).

How? By applying apply the latest services & technologies of AWS.

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Our Speciality

Lucy in the Cloud is a new generation, consisting of an integrated team of business advisors, technical experts & specialized AWS solution architects.

We're situated somewhere between Technology Services & Business Consultancy. Lucy is the odd duck that delivers future-geared data consultancy to your doorstep.

We make businesses more agile, which allows them to reach new levels they hadn’t even imagined. Why? Because Lucy is all about facilitating collaboration and communication. Both on projects & processes, between departments & the leaders of change in your business.

Simply put, Lucy is a new agency that makes you look at your data in a different way. This allows you to deliver not just better results, but to build long-lasting relationships within your ecosystem. All thanks to your data and the power of AWS.
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What we do

With Lucy, data will become your most strategic asset

We know data is the key enabler of the digital era. But we can't forget the agility and ability to deploy the latest technologies when becoming data-driven.
Do you want to stay in the game?
Then you need to transform. Helping you do just that efficiently, is what we’re all about.


We assist you in creating & implementing the right strategy moving forward.

Existing IT

The software & hardware already in place, takes up a central role in our approach.


We focus on your business needs & find out where the current issues lie.

Innovation & Transformation

Our experienced teams are ready to work with both CIO & CTO’s during all phases of the project.

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